God of Order 
The purpose of the God of Order Conference is to teach spiritual and practical ways God orders our homes. Each woman is challenged to allow God to tear down walls that the world has created and to follow the order that God has created. You will also learn organization and preparation techniques enabling you to make your home as a place of worship.
We provide all the resources and assistance to an event that only glorifies our Lord Jesus Christ. To schedule a God of Order Conference in your church or community, contact His Vessel Ministries at 334.356.4478.

Many women today experience being, or know someone who is, overwhelmed with the busyness, chaos, and clutter in the home. God of Order focuses on restoring the Biblical order of the home. When the Biblical order is restored, the busyness, chaos, and clutter flee, finding peace at home. You can simplify your life when you organize your home following God’s order.