God of Order

I was raised by a single and extremely independent mother. I had seen how authority ruled, and I thought submissiveness was the last thing I would desire. Before understanding the real meaning of submissive, I would purpose to do everything, not involving my husband, and then be resentful toward him because he wasn’t helping. As a result I had created much turmoil and chaos in my marriage and home. When I learned God not only positioned but also enabled my husband to be the head of our home, it changed the entire atmosphere in our home. I learned how to let him lead and I simply followed. As a result my husband took on a greater role as the authority over our home. It freed me of stress and a bitter heart. Understanding the husband’s need for respect from the wife, I purposed to show him respect and honor even in the little things. What a difference it made in our home and marriage. How freeing to now focus on just loving him and praying for Him to lead as God leads him. No longer must I figure everything out. I admit it is not always easy. There are times I do not agree with his decisions, but more times than not, we work things out and accomplish them together. I have watched my husband become a strong, godly man in the process. My love for him grows more and more every day. When the Word instructs the wife to submit to her husband, it is for her good. It is God’s way to surround her with the protection He knows is essential for every marriage.     — Lee Ann
The Truths about Loving Your Children opened my eyes to see my children as God sees them. I realized God had a purpose and a plan for each one of their lives and that plan may not look like others around them. I had been comparing them to the world and placed expectations on them according to the standards of the world. When I started focusing on conforming them to the image of Christ versus the world, our relationships grew stronger. The pressures were lifted and we could enjoy each other’s gifts and talents as God has made them. I have also learned how important it is to look at the hearts of my children. Out of the heart springs the issues of life (Proverbs 4:23). I realized that their actions and attitudes were not what they appeared on the surface, but stemmed from a matter of the heart. I was given priceless information to learn how to handle those issues in a biblical way. I knew that in order for my children to love and obey God, they must know Him. Thanks to God of Order, we instituted daily family prayer time together (not just at meals anymore). It is a time when we all read the Bible together. We have discussion and a time to reflect along with the readings. Our three year old leads our praise and worship. I’m so grateful for the discipleship training. Our family has grown and continues to grow closer with Christ as the center. No family, nor mother, has gone so far but that God cannot realign them with His heart.     — Misty