God of Order Discipleship


God of Order Discipleship is a yearlong commitment with a focus on the Biblical role of the woman in the home. It allows a small group of women to learn from a spiritually mature woman who is committed to walking a godly life, teaching and speaking Truth into their lives. In the bi-monthly teachings disciples learn how to be sensible and pure managers of their home, love and respect their husbands, love their children, and mature through Godly character. Biblical teachings also focus on making wise commitments, speaking blessings, making the home a restful and secure dwelling place, restoring the family altar, and fostering healthy, godly relationships. The teaching of each Biblical Truth also encompasses a practical application in the home. Women recapture the joy of making the home a place of hospitality.

Two Options:

Tuesday mornings // bi-monthly // begins January 29, 2019
Childcare provided, must preregister


Thursday evenings // bi-monthly // begins January 31, 2019
No childcare

For questions or information how to participate in this exciting and rewarding discipleship ministry, please email to Colleen Viter.

Discipleship Group Forms: