Mission of the Watchmen

Prayer is the most important mission we as Christians will ever be called to do.  Let me say that again.  Prayer is the most important mission we as Christians will ever be called to do!  And that is exactly what many in the City of Montgomery, who have a heart for the city, are committed to do.  Individuals commit to watching over the city of Montgomery through fasting and praying. Every day one or more Watchman is assigned and committed to praying for the needs of the city. We know, “…unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman stays awake in vain.”  
Watchmen are critical for many reasons. In the Bible, watchmen would pray for repentance in the city (Ezekiel 18:30-32). They were called to wake up the city from its apostasy (Hosea 8:1) and turn from destruction (Amos 3:6). Praying watchmen provide protection from invasion (Jeremiah 4:5) and report any sign of danger approaching the city (II Samuel 18:24-27).
With the continual threat of division, darkness, and terrorism presently on our nation, watchmen are critical for the protection of the city.   In fact, it is felt to be a mandate from the throne of God!

The Watchmen pray for three specific things: repentance of the city, peace of the city of Montgomery and its authorities, and the peace of Jerusalem. Each Watchman is assigned one day out of a 40-day cycle. Every 40 days, a new assignment date is given to the Watchmen.  There is no sign-in or sign-out, the Watchmen simply report to God on his/her assigned day!  The Watchmen seek the leading of the Holy Spirit of God what time of the day to pray, where in downtown of the city to watch and pray, and how long to pray on their assigned day.
The Call…
Any Christian who has a heart for God, a heart for their city or county, and who is willing to humble themselves before God with a pure heart is encouraged to pray about being a part of this call. If you are interested in what we are doing in Montgomery and want to become a Watchman or form a Watchman Prayer group over your city or county please contact  His Vessel Ministries at 334.356.4478 or